-901: Log full


The log area is full. The following reasons are possible:


       1.      No log backups are active. Database Manager makes modifications which, together with modifications of other transactions, cause the log area to overflow.

       2.      Log backups are being performed. However, the backups are not running fast enough, or there is a very long transaction whose modifications together with the modifications of transactions running in parallel result in a log area overflow. Database Manager makes modifications.

The issued SQL statement fails.

User Action:


       1.      Save the log area.
Repeat the SQL statement.

       2.      The database system saves the log area needed by the very long transaction in other areas of the database instance. The command can then be repeated.

Check whether this situation occurs frequently, that is whether the log area is too small for the number of users and average transaction length. Then expand the log area.

You should also check whether an error in the application programming results in the very long or endless transaction, and correct this if necessary.