Creating, Changing, or Deleting a Database Manager Operator

You can use the Database Manager GUI to create a Database Manager operator (DBM operator), change the operator’s properties and server authorizations, or delete the operator.


The user has the managing DBM operators (user management) server authorization.

Creating a Database Manager Operator


       1.      Choose Instance ® Configuration ® DBM Operator... .

       2.      Choose New User.

       3.      Choose the General tab page and enter the desired DBM operator properties.

DBM Operator Properties




Enter the name of the new Database Manager operator.


Enter a password for this Database Manager operator.

Confirm Password

Confirm the new password.


You can enter a description of the operator.


Set this option when you want to lock the Database Manager operator.

Enable Pwd

Set this option if you want to enter a second password for the Database Manager operator.

See Conventions for User Names and Passwords. The database system automatically converts user names and passwords for DBM operators into upper-case letters.

       4.      Choose the Server Rights tab page.
Choose the desired server authorizations for the DBM server.

Changing a Database Manager Operator

You can change the properties and server authorizations of a Database Manager operator.

To change the DBM operator properties and server authorizations, proceed as described in the following sections:

?     Changing the DBM Operator Properties

?     Changing the Password of a Database Manager Operator

?     Changing the Server Authorizations

Deleting a Database Manager Operator

You can delete a DBM operator. The exception is the Database Manager operator (DBM operator) that is generated when a database instance is created.

       5.      Choose Instance ® Configuration ® DBM Operator... .

       6.      Select a DBM operator.

       7.      Choose Delete.

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