Special Events of the Event Dispatcher


The special events of the event dispatcher provide information about the state of the even dispatchers.

They are always active and you do not have to activate them with the Database Manager CLI.

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Overview of the special events of the event dispatcher


When is it triggered by the database instance?


When a user starts the event dispatcher.


When a user stops the event dispatcher.


When the database instance has been set to the OFFLINE operational state.


When the database system crashes (system breakdown).


When the event dispatcher loses the connection to the DBM server.

If you have started the event dispatcher on the same computer as the database application, this event can also be used to inform you of a breakdown in the network connection between the database application and the database instance.


When the database system kernel has triggered an event and the event dispatcher has not reacted to it.


When it was not possible to start the event dispatcher because there were no more event tasks free.

To configure the number of event tasks, use the database parameter _MAXEVENTTASKS, see Concepts of the Database System, Support  Database Parameters.

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