Changing the SQL User Properties of a Database User

You can use the Database Manager GUI to change the SQL user properties of a database user.


The database instance is in the ONLINE operational state.



       1.      Choose Instance ® Configuration ®Database User... .

       2.      Enter the name and password of the database administrator that is the owner of the database user whose SQL user properties you want to change.

       3.      Select the desired database user.

       4.      Choose Properties.

       5.      Choose the General tab page and change the desired SQL user properties.

SQL User Properties



Password Change

You can change the password of the database user.

User class

You can change the database user class (DBA | RESOURCE | STANDARD).

Connection Mode

You can set the following connection modes:

?     The database user can open several database sessions at once (NOT EXCLUSIVE).

?     Each database user can open only one database session (EXCLUSIVE).

?     The database user may not open any database sessions (DISABLED).

       6.      Choose the Extended tab page and change the SQL user properties as required.

SQL User Properties




You can set the timeout value.

Cost Warning

You can set the estimated SELECT cost value above which a warning is issued.

Cost Limit

You can set the estimated SELECT cost value above which an SQL statement is not executed.

Default Code

You can set a default value for the code attribute.

Replication User

Indicates whether the database user is the synchronization user

For each database instance, there may only be one synchronization user (Creating/Changing/Deleting the Synchronization User).


The database user has the SQL user properties you set.

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