Technical System Landscape

The Synchronization Manager comprises the following software:

·        Synchronization Manager GUI for configuring and monitoring synchronization

·        Message Server with a message database instance

·        Synchronization Services on every computer that hosts one of the involved database instances.

The Synchronization Manager GUI, message server and synchronization services communicate with each other through various ports; see Synchronization Ports.

The database instances whose data is to be synchronized are generally located on different computers.


The illustration shows the following example:

·        Master instance DBMASTER with synchronization service on computer GENUA

·        Client instance DBCLIENT with synchronization service on computer COMO

·        Other client instances with synchronization services on other computers

·        Message database instance MSGDB on computer PARMA

·        Synchronization Manager GUI on computer ROME

Two client instances synchronize their data with a master instance

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