Unpacking the Software on Microsoft Windows




       1.      Select the package that is appropriate for your software and operating system architecture.

If you want to install or update one individual software component only, then select a component group or installation profile that contains this software component.

Installing from the Software Distribution Center on the SAP Service Marketplace (service.sap.com/swdc,for SAP customers only)

0     For the Database Instance Type OLTP choose
® Database Patches  ® MaxDB and SAP DB ® MaxDB | MaxDB 64-bit ® MaxDB <version> ® <os> ®

0     For the Database Instance Type liveCache (SAP System APO) choose
Download ® Support Packages and Patches ® Entry by Application Group ® SAP Application Components ® SAP APO ® SAP APO <apo_version> ® Entries by Component ® APO LC ® APO LC<version>/LCAPPS<apo_version> ® <os> ®

Installation from the MaxDB website dev.mysql.com/downloads/maxdb/7.6.00.html

0     Database instance type OLTP only
Choose the desired software package for your operating system

       2.      Copy the software package to a local directory of your choice.

       3.      Unpack

0     an sar package using the SAPCAR program

0     a zip package using the Winzip program

to a local directory of your choice.


The system has entered the following in this local directory:

?     For OLTP software, the
maxdb-<inst_profile>-win-<32|64>bit-<arch>-<version> subdirectory

?     For SAP liveCache software, the
apo<apo_version>_livecache-win-<32|64>bit-<arch>-<version> subdirectory

It has stored the software to these subdirectories.

See also:

Component Groups, Installation Profiles, Directories

Glossary, Variables in the Documentation

The simplest option is now to install the software using the Installation Manager (GUI) by calling the SDBSETUP program.
See: Using the Installation Manager

However, you can also execute the SDBINST installation program on the command line.
See: Installing, Upgrading and Uninstalling on the Command Line