Overview of Services


The following services are MaxDB database system services.

MaxDB Services



Microsoft Windows:

·        SAPDB: <database_name>

·        SAPDB: <database_name> (slow)

·        SAPDB: <database_name> (omststknl.exe)


·        kernel

·        quickknl

·        slowknl

Run directory of the database instance <database_name>

This service is available for each database instance in several versions: one service for each of the kernel variants and one service for internal testing purposes (omststknl.exe). Only one of these services can run (system default: fast kernel variant).

If this service is stopped, then either the database was transferred to the OFFLINE operational state or the database instance crashed. Do not start this service manually; instead, use the Database Manager database tool (starting the database instance).

On Microsoft Windows, when you create a new database instance, you can specify that this service be started automatically when the computer is started.

SAPDB: .<generated_name>

SAPDB: .M760011

Service Database Instance

The service database instance is used by the database system exclusively for internal administration tasks, for example to check backups. The database system starts the service database instance when necessary.

The database system creates the service database instance under a <generated_name> when the database software is installed.

Microsoft Windows:

·        XServer


·        vserver

X Server

The X Server has to be started in the following cases, among others:

·        Clients from other computers access the local database instance

·        You use the JDBC interface


You display the entered services on Microsoft Windows. The database instance DEMODB includes the following services:

SAP DB: DEMODB                started


SAP DB: DEMODB (omststknl.exe)

The kernel variant fast (system default)of the database instance DEMODB has been started.

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