Exporting Tables

In this example you use the Loader class and the cmd method of the sdb.loader module. You call the Loader, log on to a database instance and export a table.



       1.      Create a Python script sample.py with the following contents:

# Import Python modules

# -------------------------------------------

import os

import sys

import sdb.loader

# Determine home directory

# -------------------------------------------

homedir = None

if sys.platform[:3] in ['win']:

   homedir= os.path.join(os.getenv ('HOMEDRIVE'), os.getenv ('HOMEPATH' ))


   homedir = os.getenv ('HOME')

# Call Loader

# -------------------------------------------

session = sdb.loader.Loader ()

# Log on to the database instance

# -------------------------------------------

session.cmd ("USE USER MONA RED DB DEMODB")  

# Execute Loader command (export)

# -------------------------------------------

catalogstream = "CATALOG OUTSTREAM '%s' " % os.path.join(homedir, 'room_ddl.catalog')

datastream =    "DATA    OUTSTREAM '%s' " % os.path.join(homedir, 'room_csv.data')

cmd =           "EXPORT  TABLE HOTEL.ROOM %s %s " % (catalogstream,datastream)

session.cmd (cmd)

# Close connection to the database instance

# -------------------------------------------

session.release ()

       2.      Call the Python script:

python sample.py


The database catalog data and the application data in table HOTEL.ROOM have been exported to the output files room_ddl.catalog and room_csv.data in the home directory of the operating system user currently logged on.

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