TRUNC(a,n) is an arithmetic function with the following result (for the expressions a and n that are numbers):

TRUNC(a) – truncate the decimal places of a
TRUNC(a,n) – truncate the number a after n decimal places
TRUNC(a,-n) – set n places in the number a before the decimal point to 0

Result of the TRUNC(a,n) function


Number a that is truncated n places after the decimal point


Integer component of a


Number a that is truncated s places in front of the decimal point

n not specified

As with n=0

n is not an integer

The integer component of n is used and the result is as with n>0, n=0, or n<0

a is floating point number

Floating point number

a is fixed point number

Fixed point number

a is the NULL value

NULL Value

a is a special NULL value

Special NULL value