MaxDB Library


MaxDB is a relational database system with which you can create, use and manage MaxDB database instances. MaxDB can handle a wide range of different types of information, which makes it a suitable database for diverse application scenarios. MaxDB works with all SAP applications.

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Software Information

Downloading the database software and documentation


The following table provides an overview of all the documentation that is currently available for the MaxDB database system.


Installation Manual

Installing, updating and uninstalling the database software; upgrading database instances including software

Basic Information

Concepts of the Database System

Information about the database system, technical system landscape, creating and configuring a database instance, administration, monitoring, performance, troubleshooting, developing database applications


Terms used in the database system

You can use the alphabetically arranged glossary as a point of entry to the documentation.

SQL Reference Manual

SQL statements and their syntax, system tables, special features of the SQL mode ORACLE


List of all error and system messages sorted by message number

MaxDB Security Guide

Recommended security measures for the database system


Database Administration Tutorial

Describes selected tasks for managing database instances using the Database Manager CLI tool.

SQL Tutorial

Shows examples for the Structured Query Language (SQL) used by the MaxDB database system.

Loader Tutorial

Shows examples for commands of the Loader tool for exporting and importing data.


Database Manager

Database Manager GUI

Database Manager CLI

Creating and managing database instances

  • Graphical user interface
  • Command line

Database Analyzer

Analysis of the performance of database instances


Exporting and importing data

Query Tools

SQL Studio

Web SQL Studio


Querying and editing data with SQL

  • Graphical user interface
  • Web-based user interface
  • Command line

Synchronization Manager

Synchronizing table contents from two or more database instances


Event Dispatcher



X Server


ODBC Manual

Basics and special features of the MaxDB ODBC driver


SQL database connectivity for developing applications and interfaces for MaxDB

Java Manual

Description of the MaxDB JDBC Driver and programming interfaces for Database Manager and Loader for developing database applications with Java

Perl Manual

Description of the programming interfaces for SQL, Database Manager and Loader for developing database applications with Perl

Python Manual

Description of the programming interfaces for SQL, Database Manager and Loader for developing database applications with Python

PHP Manual

Description of the MaxDB PHP software enhancement for developing database applications with PHP


Description of how to access a document store in a MaxDB database instance using the MaxDB WebDAV servlet

Backint for MaxDB

Description of the Backint for MaxDB interface for external backup tools


Development Environment

Using the development environment for creating MaxDB software from the source code

Web Based Problem Tracking System

Web interface for the Problem Tracking System (PTS) for documenting problems with the database software

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