Universal Worklist Configuration

The Universal Worklist (UWL) gives users unified and centralized way to access their work and the relevant information in the Enterprise Portal. It collects tasks and notifications from multiple provider systems – SAP Business Workflow, Collaboration Task, Alert Framework and Knowledge Management Recent Notifications - in one list for one-stop access.

Administration and configuration for the Universal Worklist (UWL) is described in this section.


UWL is integrated with:

?      SAP Enterprise Portal

?      The SAP J2EE Engine

?      The SAP Business Workflow

?      Collaboration Task

?      Alert Management

?      Knowledge Management Collaboration Recent Notifications


General Prerequisites

?      As an administrator, you have full administration rights for the Portal and the required business workflow rights in back end system (reference roles such as SAP_BC_BMT_WFM_UWL_ADMIN and SAP_BC_UWL_ADMIN_USER). Refer to SAP note 941589.

?      Make sure that each user is known to all connected SAP systems as per role requirement (make sure that there is one-to-one mapping between the portal user and the backend user)

?      If an iView is based on a system object defined in your system landscape (see System Landscape), you must assign user permission for the relevant user, group, or role to the system object, as well. User permissions assigned to a system permits the iView to retrieve data from the respective back end application through the system object at runtime.

?      Each connected SAP system for back end system (below release 7.0, WP-PI plug-in 6.0) has the connection to its respective SAP Internet Transaction Server (ITS)

For information on SAP Enterprise Portal plug-in, see SAP note 655941.

Authorizations needed for working with Business Workflow

Normally, when the corresponding back end system user already has the correct authorization to work on the Business Workflow directly, no additional setup is required when working in UWL. However, manual configuration to assign RFC access authorization to the following function groups may be needed (Note: this is not common):

?      Function group and transaction SWK1 (for back end systems using WP-PI plug-in)

?      Function group SWN_UWL_WL (for back end system on release 6.40 and above, without the need of WP-PI plug-in)

?      Function group SWRC, SSCV (for all cases)

?      Authorization rights for SDTX

Overview of Configuration Steps

?      Define your SAP system

?      Create a System Alias to uniquely identify the system

?      Define exact settings for technical connections

?      Define how users are mapped

?      Test system connections

?      Add the new system to UWL configuration

?      Register work item types

Reference Documentation:

?      For more detailed step-by-step configuration see http://service.sap.com/netweaver ®Media Library ®How-to Guides ®Portal, KM and Collaboration ® All ® Configuring the Universal Worklist.

?      See SAP note number 888457 for the latest UWL software updates.

?      For information on how to use the Universal Worklist features, and definitions of key terms on the user interface, see the Universal Worklist End User Guide. 

?      Universal Worklist Technical Operations Manual.