Accounting for Financial Instruments


You can use the Accounting for Financial Instruments application to create the following reports:

?     Balance sheet

?     Income statement

?     Notes disclosures

?     Derivatives for liquidity risk, Fair Value 32

The derivatives use the Source Data Layer (SDL), which is a data source that is common to the components of Bank Analyzer and contains data from feeder systems. Bank Analyzer uses the data stored in the SDL to calculate various results, which are then stored in Bank Analyzer in the subledger scenario in the Results Data Layer (RDL). The data stored in the RDL is then extracted to SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence BI and used as the basis for reports.

The reports are geared towards regulatory requirements and the most common reporting methods used in the banking sector. Hence they meet classic reporting requirements, and do not contain navigation functions or functions for OLAP analysis.

Since customers set up the reports themselves, this Content Release focuses on the functions for defining reports in SAP Accounting for Financial Instruments. This has the aim of supporting implementation projects.