Grants Management

With Content Release 3.30, Grants Management (GM) has been added to the Business Content to provide reporting on a new financial module. The module itself became available in R/3 with Release EA-PS 1.1. The connectors to the Business Warehouse (BW) have been available since Release EA-PS 2.0.


The GM application component is part of Public Sector Management. It is placed parallel to Funds Management (FM), with which it is closely linked. For more information on the GM component, refer to the relevant documentation.

GM Data Extractors

The R/3 extractors are available from EA-PS 2.0 on. We provide about 26 master data extractors and four transactional data extractors. The master data extractors support two different extraction qualities:

·        Static master data: Master data that is not subject to frequent changes. The content of the data is set up or configured once and is not supposed to change from then on. The extractors support only full data extraction.

·        Dynamic master data: Master data that changes frequently and is therefore more dynamic. At the moment we added Grant, Sponsor, Sponsored Program, Sponsored Class and the Budget Validity into this category. The extractors support full data extraction as well as a delta update based on the change date of the object.

For the transactional data extractors it is imperative that the delta extraction mode is supported. Grants Management is built using the special ledger tool. This tool offers functionality for both total and line item data extraction. Additional extractors, such as budget data extractors and grant status extractors, have been added.

BADI implementations in the BW-SAPI API RSU5_SAPI_BADI for the total and line item extractions are delivered active. They are required and build the timeslice relationship in the grant activities as well as the fiscal variant definition from the grant.

GM infoobjects

All GM infoobjects except the grant number itself are new. GM are prefixed 0GM prefix and are placed in the GM infoprovider.

GM infoprovider

We support the budget and the actual line item ODS and four reporting infocubes. In addition to these transactional data providers, we have query-enabled master data infoobjects.

GM BW queries

One Query template is provided for each infocube. The queries are only available in the info area. The creation of user rules and the allocation of its GM queries is up to the customer.


Overview of the Data Flow

The graphic below shows the data flow of the transaction data from extraction from the OLTP system (R/3) to the InfoCubes. The individual objects are described in the sections InfoSources, ODS Objects and InfoCubes.

The master data objects and multiprovider are not shown.

Overview of the BW Data Flow for Grants Management