D&B Vendor Analysis for SAP BW


D&B Vendor Analysis for SAP BW is part of Global Spend Analysis and as of SAP BW 3.1 Content / BI Content 3.2 Add-On, it is based on InfoCube 0BBP_C01. All purchasing expenditure from Enterprise Buyer and Materials Management is recorded in this InfoCube. The MultiProvider 0SRM_DBM1 sets the InfoCube data in relationship to the D&B data from ODS Object 0DB_VCDS1 (see graphic).

Up to and including SAP BW 3.1 Content / BI Content Add-On 3.1, the vendor analysis is based on InfoCube 0PUR_C01.

Also D&B Vendor Analysis for SAP BW is based on ODS Object 0DB_VCDS1 that contains the Dun & Bradstreet market data in the form of characteristics and key figures.

In order to use D&B Vendor Analysis for SAP BW, you must enter a contract with Dun & Bradstreet. Dun & Bradstreet then supplies you with business data on the companies that you evaluate in Global Spend Analysis. This data includes:

·        The D-U-N-S-Number with which you can uniquely identify your vendor company

·        Family trees that provide structure information on corporate groups; There you can find vendors that belong to the same corporate group

·        The annual sales of companies; You can use these figures to estimate how dependent vendor companies are on your orders


OLTP Release

SAP Enterprise Buyer, SAP Materials Management without Release restriction

BW Release

From BW 2.1C


Dun & Bradstreet enhances your master data and assigns the relevant D-U-N-S-Numbers.

A MultiProvider enables you to evaluate the combination of market data and internal spend information: