Migration Manual

This manual describes the procedures for migrating applications that are running on J2EE Engine 6.20 to the J2EE Engine as part of the SAP NetWeaver 2004s (the latter is referred to in the following texts as J2EE Engine 2004s).

Migration issues may occur due to:

·        The different implementations of the J2EE standards in J2EE Engine 6.20 and J2EE Engine 2004s

The J2EE Engine 2004s is a J2EE 1.3-compliant platform for running J2EE applications, whereas J2EE Engine 6.20 is J2EE 1.2-compliant.

·        The new cluster architecture, cluster communication, service infrastructure, and the new features of J2EE Engine 2004s

·        The new development and software logistics

·        The unavailability of an upgrade procedure from J2EE Engine 6.20 to J2EE Engine 2004s

As a result of the new architecture in 2004s, it is not possible to upgrade from 6.20 to 2004s. You must install SAP NetWeaver 2004s and redeploy on the J2EE Engine all applications that were running on J2EE Engine 6.20.

The manual covers the following topics:

·        Architectural Differences Between J2EE Engine 6.20 and 2004s

This section describes some of the main architectural differences between J2EE Engine 6.20 and 2004s and their effect on the migration of applications.

·        Porting Applications

Ў        Porting a J2EE Application from J2EE Engine 6.20 to J2EE Engine 2004s

§         Web Components

§         EJB Components

Ў        Using Additional/External Resources

§         Libraries

§         Changed External Libraries Delivered with the J2EE Engine

·        Changes Between 6.20 and 2004s

Contains the main changes between J2EE Engine 6.20 and J2EE Engine 2004s in terms of architecture implementation, different service and application settings, or other changes regarding the J2EE Engine or application configuration and administration.

Ў        General Issues

Ў        System Management and Monitoring

Ў        Logging Configuration and Usage

Ў        JNDI Registry Service

Ў        EJB Container

Ў        Web Container

Ў        Transactions and Resource Handling

Ў        Deployment

Ў        Security-Related Services

Ў        Remote Objects Communication Services

Ў        Web Services

Ў        JMS Provider Service

Ў        Utilities