BW: WFM Core


The new Business Content for the Workforce Management component enables you to evaluate data from Workforce Management Core (WFM Core) in the SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW). WFM Core is a planning service used to administer assignments of personnel resources to personnel requirements.


WFM Core is connected to Project Resource Planning (the resource part of cProjects 3.0). This means that you can run joint BW reports with the cProjects component. In Project Resource Planning, it is possible to assign a project role a resource whose time and availability data is managed in WFM Core.


The Business Content for WFM Core is a comprehensive solution for evaluating working time, availability, and relationships to objects from other applications. Complete Business Content has been developed only for WFM Core data. In addition, a relationship to Project Resource Planning was created. To create relationships to other applications, you must first define the applications. All relationship information can be extracted in the Business Information Warehouse.