HTML-Based Documents Area


In the past you could also use the SAP Knowledge Warehouse for maintaining and presenting the contents of your Intranet. The originally named area Intranet Management, renamed HTML-Based Documents in Release 6.0, provides separate info object classes, templates and functions.

Although there will be no further development in this area, it will continue to be delivered with SAP KW. The majority of the functions are now provided in the SAP Enterprise Portal. We strongly advise that you do not use this area productively.


All the SAP KW functions for editing, translating, and managing contents is also provided for the HTML-based documents area.


The special SAP KW functions and objects for the HTML-Based Documents area cover:

·        Content model for the HTML-Based Documents ( KWNET)

·        Functions for browser-based creation and maintenance of documentation

Authors can edit documents with the Knowledge Workbench or directly in the Web Browser. Existing web sites can be checked completely or partially into the SAP KW, and existing hyperlinks are converted to the link syntax used by the Internet Knowledge Server, which is the Web server of the Knowledge Warehouse.

·        Design templates for the layout and format of the contents displayed in the Browser

A number of design templates for presenting the contents of this area are delivered with the HTML-Based Documents area. The templates consist of HTML files, CSS Style Sheet files, and JavaScript files. SAP KW users can modify these templates, for example to give the contents a certain company design.