Administration Manual


This manual contains administration information you need for managing the SAP Web Application Server Java.


Here you will find the following information:

?     J2EE Engine

Provides information about the administration tasks you can perform on the J2EE Engine and a reference for the J2EE Engine.

?     J2EE Engine Security

Describes the security environment management on the J2EE Engine.

?     Supportability and Performance Management

Describes the general concepts of the systems for problem detection and problem analysis. This includes the monitoring system, the logging and tracing system, and the systems for performance analysis.

?     Administration/Configuration of Web Dynpro Runtime Environment

Describes the administration and configuration of the Web Dynpro runtime environment and how to use the Web Dynpro Content Administrator.

?     Administration of the XML Data Archiving Service

The XML Data Archiving Service (XML DAS) is one of the main components you need for XML-based data archiving and is used by both ABAP and Java applications. Before you can begin XML-based data archiving you must set up the different components involved and configure your systems. The XML DAS Administration is the main tool used in this process.

?     Administration of the Development Infrastructure 

Information about the tasks you can perform on the Usage Type Development Infrastructure (DI) and the tools you can use for administration.

See also:

Architecture Manual – describes the architecture of the Application Server.

Using Java – provides information about the development of J2EE applications.