Intellectual Property Management (IPM)

The Intellectual Property Management (IS-M/IPM) business scenario in SAP for Media supports the commercial processes along the entire value creation chain, which are associated with the acquisition of rights, rights management and rights sales, in companies in the media and entertainment sector. The media-specific IS-M/IPM solution uses the comprehensive range of functions available in mySAP Customer Relationship Management.

Configured business content with the following reporting functions is available to you in the Intellectual Property Management InfoArea of the SAP Business Information Warehouse.

·         DataSources, data targets and Queries for answering questions on the license sales contract, license usage confirmations and incoming royalties (license revenues)

·         DataSources, process chains, InfoSources, data targets and Queries for evaluating license acquisition and service contracts for outgoing royalties and the settlement data collector

·         DataSources, InfoObjects and data targets for representing various master data and master data relationships (such as the interlinkage relationships for the IP, hierarchical attributes for the IP rights dimensions)