Database Administration in CCMS: SAP liveCache Technology

You can manage your MaxDB database system and obtain information on its status from the database administration in CCMS (a component of the Life Cycle Management solution). Database administration for liveCache database instances is introduced in the following sections.

Implementation Considerations

For more information about the database system, see Concepts of the Database System. For quick access to all documentation and an explanation of the most important terms, use the alphabetical Glossary.


The user has been assigned a role in accordance with the authorization concept. You are in the user menu of the user with the authorizations that correspond to this role.


Depending on the selected role, the following DBA functions of the CCMS are available in the user menu for various monitoring and administration tasks for your liveCache database instance.

·        DBA Planning Calendar

·        In complex system landscapes, access database administration functions using the MaxDB/liveCache System Overview transaction.

·        liveCache Assistant

·        CCMS Monitoring

You can gain quick access to the DBA functions available through the list of Terms and Procedures.

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