Adding Files and Directories


To enhance the client with further files and directories or to overwrite existing files and directories, copy them into the directory \uncomp\program files\SAP Mobile Infrastructure\Ext1.

Files and directories that you add to this directory are automatically added to the client installation after installation. If a file is added to a certain directory of the client, the same directory structure must be set up under \Ext1 as in the original installation. Of importance here is that the directories have identical names.

Files in directories other than \uncomp\program files\SAP Mobile Infrastructure\Ext1 or Ext2 cannot be deleted or added. If this is not the case, the system terminates the installation.

If you defined user-specific default settings for the client, copy the modified files to directory \uncomp\program files\SAP Mobile Infrastructure\Ext2 (for example, the file MobileEngine.config).

The following keys are entered in the Windows registry when you install the client on Windows32 systems:

?      hklm\software\sap\mobile engine\ProductName

?      hklm\software\sap\mobile engine\ProductCode

?      hklm\software\sap\mobile engine\ProductVersion

?      hklm\software\sap\mobile engine\Path