Defining Parameter Sets


The Parameter Sets function allows you to define various parameters for the client, for the mobile device, or for drivers installed on the mobile device. You can combine multiple, related parameters in one parameter set.


You have started the Mobile Administrator.



       1.      Start the Parameter Sets function.

       2.      Choose Create.

       3.      Choose the type of parameter set that you want to create and enter a meaningful name for the parameter set, as well as a description. You can choose from the following types:

0     The MI_CONFIG type to configure the client on the mobile device (see Setting Parameters in MobileEngine.config (MI_CONFIG) and Behavior of SAP MI on the Mobile Device).

0     The MI_PIOS type for the configuration of the drivers (see Driver Configuration and the note 761833).

0     The BATTERY type (see Monitoring Battery Capacity)

0     The REGISTRY type (see Setting Registry Values)

0     The SCRIPT type (see Configuration of Scripts)

0     The STARTUP type (see Definition of Startup Parameters)

0     The STORAGE type (see Storage Monitoring)

0     The TIME_AGENT type (see Time and Date Settings)

       4.      Create a row for each parameter to be configured and define a value for this parameter. These parameters depend on the type. For more information, refer to the documentation listed above.

       5.      Save your entries.


You have created a parameter set that you can deploy to the mobile devices using device configurations.