Client Data Distributor


The Client Data Distributor (program MEREP_DISTRIBUTOR) determines the delta data, independent of the download request from the client. The system creates and processes the worklists and stores the relevant delta data in the outbox(es) for the defined devices, independent of the SyncBO type.

The administrator can create variants for the program and define the mobile components, mobile groups, users, devices, mobile IDs, or SyncBOs that the delta data is to be determined and processed for. The administrator can execute the variants manually or create a background job to execute them on a regular basis.

If the applications use SyncBOs of type Timed 2-Way, the program MEREP_DISTRIBUTOR must be scheduled for execution after the expected end of the replication database update. This ensures the data is as accurate as possible.

The efficiency of the feature is improved if the following settings are defined:

?     The client is configured to synchronize asynchronously.

?     The client is configured not to send download requests with every synchronization trigger, and in particular, not directly after the job has been executed.


On the mobile devices there are mobile applications that use a combination of Timed 2-Way SyncBOs and other types of SyncBOs. The background job for Timed 2-Way is scheduled to run every three hours between 5 am and 8 pm.

Most mobile devices are synchronized between 7 am and 9 am, before the sales consultants leave to meet their customers. This results in an overload on the SAP MI Server component, as the system must determine the delta data for each of the devices simultaneously.

To reduce the overload of the server, the administrator can schedule a background job to execute MEREP_DISTRIBUTOR at 6 pm. The outboxes for the devices are, therefore, already filled when the devices start to synchronize at 7 am.


To use this feature, perform the following steps:

?     Create variants for the program, see Creating Variants for the Client Data Distributor

?     Define and configure a background job to execute the program, see Scheduling Background Jobs for the Client Data Distributor