Upgrade to SAP NetWeaver 2004s Usage Type MI 


If you are using older versions, you can upgrade to SAP NetWeaver AS. Depending on the status of the release you are presently using, you have different options:

?      If you are using release ME 1.0, you can upgrade as follows:

Upgrade from ME 1.0 to SAP NW 2004s

?      If you are using release ME 2.1 SPS<xx> or MI 2.5 SPS<xx>, you have two options:

0       You can install the new version on top of the old version. If you choose to use this option, you must upgrade all the mobile devices to the new version simultaneously.

For more information, see Immediate Upgrade from 2.1/2.5 to SAP NW 2004s.

0       You can temporarily use two servers with the old and new versions running in parallel. This is, however, only possible when the mobile application supports this procedure. You then upgrade the mobile devices to the new version on a gradual basis.

For more information, see Upgrade from 2.1/2.5 to SAP NW 2004s with Simultaneous Use of Old and New Versions.

SPS<xx>: greater than or equal to SPS01

Upgrade Notes

Read the SAP Notes about upgrading before you start to upgrade your software. These SAP Notes contain the latest information about the upgrade as well as corrections to the upgrade documentation.

Make sure that you have the latest version of each SAP Note. You can find the SAP Notes on the SAP Service Marketplace at service.sap.com/notes or in SAPNet - R/3 Front End.

SAP Notes Required:

SAP Note Number



SAP Mobile 7.0 – composite note for upgrade

For more information about API changes, see the JavaDoc for SAP MI (see the Help of the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio ® Mobile Development Kit.)


You can only use this Upgrade Guide if the SAP NetWeaver AS on which the server is running is isolated