Activating BSP Application ME_FW_INSTALL


With this procedure, you check whether the Business Server Page (BSP) application ME_FW_INSTALL already exists and is active, and if necessary, create it. The user of the mobile device accesses this application if he or she installs SAP MI using a URL.


You activated all the required services. For more information, see SAP Note 517484.



       1.      Start transaction SICF.

       2.      Expand default_host ® sap ® bc ® bsp ® sap.

       3.      Check if the element already exists. If yes, click with the secondary mouse button on the element, check if the service was already activated, and choose Activate Service, if appropriate.

       4.      If the element does not yet exist, click with the secondary mouse button on the last expanded sap element and choose New Sub-Element.

The SAP namespace dialog box appears.

       5.      Choose .

The Create a Service Element dialog box appears.

       6.      In the field Name of service element to be created, enter me_fw_install and select Independent Service.

       7.      Choose .

       8.      In the field Description, enter a description of the service, for example, SAP Mobile Infrastructure Framework Installation.

       9.      Choose .

Service me_fw_install appears in the tree structure under default_host ® sap ® bc ® bsp ® sap and is not yet active.

   10.      To activate the service, click me_fw_install with the secondary mouse button and choose Activate Service.

The service is active (evident from the black font color).