Server Certificates

The server certificate is the certificate that is used by SAP NetWeaver AS for SSL communication (https) with the mobile device.

The truststore file that is delivered, which is part of the client, contains the root certificate TC TrustCenter Class 2 CA of the SAP Trust Center Service.

Server Certificates of the SAP Trust Center Service

If you obtained your server certificate from the SAP Trust Center Service, no further steps are necessary to make the server certificate trustworthy for the client. This is also true for server certificates that you obtained from the certification locations listed in SAP Note 602993.

Server Certificates from a Non-SAP Certification Location

If you obtained your server certificate from a non-SAP certification location that is not listed in SAP Note 602993, you should perform the steps described under Making External Server Certificates Trusted.

Deleting Server Certificates

You implicitly confirm your trust in all the certificates contained in the trust store of the SAP MI Client Component. If you do not want to do so for all certificates, you can remove individual certificates from trust store (see Deleting Server Certificates).