Configuration of Mobile Devices Using the Configuration File


You can use parameters to configure the behavior of SAP MI on the mobile device. You can usually distribute the parameters to the mobile devices using device configurations (see Configuration of Mobile Devices Using Device Configurations).

If, however, it is not possible to distribute the parameters in this way because the parameter is not available, you can use the process described in this section instead.

Process Flow


       1.      You create a configuration file for all parameters that you want to configure or change (see Creating a Configuration File).

       2.      Convert the archive file with the archive converter (see Converting Archives for a Mobile Component).

       3.      Upload the archive file using the Software Deployment Manager (see Software Deployment Manager for more information).

       4.      Deploy the add-on to the mobile devices (see Assignment of Mobile Components to User).

When you deploy the add-on, the new configurations contained in the add-on overwrite (once only) the old ones.

If the configurations are assigned to the device, and these configurations contain other values for the parameters, they can be overwritten again by parameters set by the configuration file.

Deleting the add-on on the mobile device does not result in the client-side configuration being reset. If you want the original configuration, you must implement a new add-on containing the original values.