Assigning a Mobile ID to a Mobile Group


A mobile device can only be synchronized with the back-end system using the Smart Synchronization framework if it is registered in the SAP MI ABAP Server Component.

You can register mobile IDs either manually or by automatically deploying applications to mobile devices. In the case of the latter, the mobile ID is created in the background and registered with the SAP MI Server Component using the standard MI deployment process.

You can use mobile groups to group mobile IDs and set filters. To use mobile groups, you must assign them to registered mobile devices.


?     A user was created in the SAP MI ABAP Server Component.

?     You created a mobile group (see Creating a Mobile Group).

?     You defined your user settings (see Editing User Settings) and left the field Device ID blank.

?     You synchronized your mobile device (see Performing Synchronization).

The mobile ID was automatically generated in the SAP MI ABAP Server Component and returned to the mobile device. The field Device ID in the mobile device settings has been filled in (see Editing User Settings).



       1.      Start transaction merep_pd.

       2.      Choose the Mobile ID tab page.

       3.      In the field Mobile ID, select the required mobile ID using input help (F4).

       4.      Choose  Display <-> Change and enter the mobile group you want to assign to the mobile ID.

       5.      Choose Save.