Uploading a SyncBO


With this procedure, you can upload your SyncBO definitions from your local PC to the SAP MI ABAP Server Component.


Your SyncBO definitions were downloaded to a file on your local PC.



       1.      Start transaction merep_mig.

       2.      Select Upload from File or Import for the transport action.

Select transport action Upload from File for the migration of objects to a text file. Select transport action Import for the migration of objects as a transport file.

       3.      If you have chosen Import, enter the transport request.

       4.      Choose Simulate for a test run. Choose  Execute to start the upload.

Choose Simulate to display the files to be uploaded.

       5.      Enter the name of an upload or transport file.

       6.      Choose Open to perform the import.

       7.      Confirm or change the RFC destinations.

The RFC destinations should be defined in transaction SM59.

The SyncBO definitions are downloaded.

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