Installing a Driver Add-on


This process is intended for system administrators deploying a mobile application with peripheral requirements. The system administrator deploys drivers and connector add-ons that meet the requirements of the mobile application.


There is a connector add-on (it can be deployed when the driver is deployed).

Process Flow


       1.      A mobile application with peripheral requirements is uploaded to the SAP MI Web Admin.

       2.      The system administrator uses the driver selection tool to find the driver add-on that matches the target platform.

       3.      The administrator checks if the connector add-on for the target platform is uploaded to the SAP MI Web Admin. If the matching driver and/or connector are not loaded to the SAP MI Web Admin, they can be obtained from the SAP Service Marketplace.

       4.      After the connector and driver add-ons have been uploaded to the SAP MI Web Admin, the administrator deploys them.

If the connector is not installed on the target device, both the connector and the driver add-ons can be deployed at the same time as the application. If there is a connector in the target mobile device, only the driver and application need to be deployed.


The mobile application and the required driver add-on are deployed to the target mobile device.