Customizing for Alerts


The following alerts are included in the shipment:

?     MaxDBFreeLogSpace: Storage for the log information. If there is not sufficient space available, the system outputs a message.

?     MaxDBFreeSpace: If a certain part of the given amount of disk space for the SAP DB is exhausted, the system outputs a message.

?     MaxDBNumberofBadIndices: If the number of incorrect indexes is exceeded, the system outputs a message.

?     TracefileSize: If a certain percentage of the file size defined in the properties file for the trace file or the entire amount is exhausted, a message is output.

?     LastSuccessfulSync: Time between the last successful synchronization and the current synchronization. If the synchronization fails, the system outputs a message.


You can adjust the threshold values for the alerts in Customizing with SAP NetWeaver ® SAP Mobile Infrastructure ® Creating and Configuring Alerts.