Enabling Mobile Component Uploads


If you configured the MI usage type automatically using the template installer in the SAP NetWeaver Administrator, you do not have to carry out the steps described in this section.

The following steps must be executed to enable a productive system to upload mobile components into the ABAP stack using the program:

     Create the JCo RFC connection in the J2EE

     Create RFC connection in the ABAP stack

     Register RFC connection

Set Up JCo RFC Connection


       1.      Start the Visual Administrator and log on to the J2EE system.

       2.      Choose the server you want on the Cluster tab page and then Service   ®  JCO RFC Provider. Create a new connection on the Runtime tab page. Use the following parameters:

Parameters for the RFC Connection



Program ID


Gateway host

<Gateway for server>

Gateway service

<Service for gateway>

Number of processes (1…20)


Parameters for the Repository



Application server host

<Server on which the program is to be registered>

System number

<System number of server>


<Logon client>


<Logon user> for example, the service user for the administration (for more information, see Creating Service Users)


<Password of logon user>

If you want to specify that the bundle is to run on the current cluster only, set the Local Bundle indicator.

If you use a Unicode system, select the Unicode indicator.

       3.      Save your entries by choosing Set.

       4.      Select the newly created entry MEMGMT_MOBILE_CONTAINER_SYNC for the RFC connection and choose Start. If the symbol is grayed out, the connection was made and the program is registered.

Set Up an RFC Connection in the ABAP stack


       1.      Log on to the server and start the transaction SM59.

       2.      Select TCP/IP Connections and choose Create.

       3.      Specify a new name for the connection.

       4.      Enter T as the type, enter a description and save your entries.

       5.      Move to the Technical Settings tab page and select the Registered Server Program indicator.

       6.      Enter MEMGMT_MOBILE_CONTAINER_SYNC as the program ID.

       7.      Enter the same values for the gateway and host as you did when you set up the connection to the J2EE.

       8.      Set the Unicode or Non-Unicode indicator on the MDMP & Unicode tab page.

       9.      If required you can define the SNC options on the Logon & Security tab page (see Configuring SNC: J2EE Engine to AS ABAP).

   10.      Save your entries.

Register RFC connection


       1.      Start the transaction SM30 and enter MEMGMT_J2EE_DEST as the table name and choose Maintain.

       2.      Add the newly created RFC destination and enter a short description.

       3.      Save your entries.