Installing the SAP MI Client Using a URL


You use this procedure to install the client on the mobile device.





       1.      If you are using a proxy server, check your browser settings and configure them again if needed. The settings depend on the network infrastructure you are using.

0       To change the settings on Windows32 operating systems (Microsoft Internet Explorer):

Choose Tools ® Internet Options ® Connections ® LAN settings.

0       To change the settings for Pocket PC 2002:

Choose Start ® Settings ® Connections ® Connections  ® Work ® Change ® Proxy settings.

0       To change the settings on Windows Mobile:

Choose Start ® Settings ® Connections ® Connections  ® Proxy settings.

       2.      Enter the URL that you received from your administrator into the Microsoft Internet Explorer address bar on your mobile device. The URL is composed as follows: http://<Server>:<Port>/sap/bc/bsp/sap/me_fw_install/install.htm.

<Server>: Name of SAP NetWeaver AS

<Port>: Standard port of SAP NetWeaver AS

For more information about determining the server and port, see Determining the URL for the Installation.

The installation wizard home page appears.

       3.      If you want to use automatic device recognition, choose Continue. If your mobile device runs on another operating system, choose Select Others.

Depending on your operating system, you may need to specify the runtime environment.

       4.      Enter data as required on the installation wizard screens.

WinCE installation: You can select the SSL option irrespective of whether you want to install a Java Virtual Machine.

Win32 installation: See Configuration of Security and SAP Note 580497.

       5.      On the Download screen, choose the links displayed one after another to download the installation files to your mobile device. Under certain circumstances, you only have to download one file.

A File Download dialog box appears.

       6.      Choose Save this program to disk and then OK.

       7.      Choose any directory for the installation files and store the installation files there.

       8.      Run the installation files that you have just saved.

When Installing on PDAs:

The client is installed on your mobile device.

When Installing on Windows32 Operating Systems:

       9.      Another installation wizard opens.

   10.      Follow the instructions given on the screen.

Once you have entered all the data in the installation wizard, the system installs the client on your mobile device.


The installation program has created an entry for starting SAP MI on your mobile device.

If you are using a PDA, restart your mobile device. For all other mobile devices, restart SAP MI. For more information, see Starting the SAP MI.

For more information, see SAP MI Setup Performed by User of Mobile Device.