Assigning Mobile Components Using Device Configuration


With this process, you determine the mobile components on the mobile devices of the user or user groups for which the deployment is to be made. You can also use an installation sequence.

However, you can also assign mobile components using a role profile or, in exceptional cases, you can assign them directly to users of a particular device.


?     The mobile component is available on the server.

Process Flow


       1.      You create a hierarchy and assign users (see Creating a Hierarchy).

       2.      Optional: If you want to determine the sequence of the installation on the mobile device, create an installation sequence (see Defining the Installation Sequence (Optional)).

       3.      You create a device configuration. You assign the mobile components or installation sequence using the Mobile Components tab page (see Defining Device Configurations).

       4.      Assign the device configuration using the role, group, or the device itself (see Assigning Device Configurations).

       5.      You perform role synchronization (see Starting Role Synchronization).

See also:

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