You use the Deployment tab to deploy new Software Deployment Units (SDUs) with the Software Deployment Manager (SDM).

Software Deployment Archives and Software Component Archives are called Software Deployment Units (SDUs).

The SDM takes you through the individual steps, from selecting the Software Component Archive (SCA) and the Software Deployment Archive (SDA), to actually deploying the software in the target directory.


The deployment is the final step in the software delivery process; it involves the deployment of available SDUs in the runtime environment of the SAP Systems.

When deploying SDUs, the Software Deployment Manager stores the data in the SDM Repository, where it then manages the installed archives. The SDM recognizes dependencies between archives and provides support when you install and maintain shared applications.


You have downloaded the SDUs from a download area, or inserted a CD with new SDUs in your CD drive.


The SDM supports you when you deploy SDUs, and warns you about any possible inconsistencies caused by dependencies between different Software Deployment Archives (SDAs). It also tells you whether an SCA that you need to install has inconsistencies.

 Show Legend shows you the meaning of the icons displayed for this deployment step, in a separate screen.

In the Deployment Configuration area of the screen, which you can open or close with the arrow icons, you decide which archive versions are allowed to be deployed. You have the following options:

·        Settings for Updating SCAs/SDAs

Ў        Update deployed SCAs/SDAs that have lower component versions than the selected SCAs/SDAs only

With this option, you can deploy new archives only, or update existing archives with a newer version.

Ў        Update deployed SCAs/SDAs that have the same or lower component versions than the selected SCAs/SDAs

With this option, you can redeploy existing archives. This overwrites the previous deployment.

Ў        Update deployed SDAs/SCAs that have any version

With this option, you can deploy any archive, without its version being checked by the SDM.

·        Handling in case of deployment errors

Ў        Stop when the first error occurs

With this setting, the deployment terminates as soon as it encounters an error. Any deployments that have already been completed are retained.

Ў        Skip deployment of SCA/SDAs depending on the erroneous deployment

With this setting, any archives that cause deployment errors are skipped. The SDM still processes the list of archives until the end.


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