Mobile Applications

The files for mobile applications are not usually available on the server after the installation has been completed. You must deploy these files using the Software Deployment Manager before you can work with them in SAP MI. When you do this, the Mobile Component Descriptor (MCD) that describes the application is generated or read.

If the file does not have the SDA (Software Deployment Archive) format, you must convert it. For more information on this, see Converting Archives for a Mobile Component.

You can display the mobile application in the list of mobile components in the Mobile Administrator as soon as you have updated the view.

You can maintain the MCD for a particular mobile application. This is useful in the following cases:

?     If you use Smart Synchronization and want to assign SyncBOs to the application.

?     If you assign mobile components using roles and you want to define which version is to be used as the standard version when assigning in this way.

For more information about maintaining an MCD, see Mobile Component Descriptor.