Configuring Synchronizer Control Records


To synchronize data using the SyncBO, the SyncBO must be activated. After the SyncBO is generated, you must configure the synchronizer control record. You can then use the control record to activate the SyncBO.

For SyncBOs with synchronization types Timed 2-Way (T01) and Back-End-Driven (T51), you must execute the respective replicators once before you can activate them in the synchronizer control record. If the replicator has not been executed, you cannot activate the synchronizer control record. In this case, the traffic light sign is set to yellow.

If you trigger synchronization from a client device, the corresponding message is only processed if the SyncBO concerned is activated. If this is not the case, a corresponding log message is recorded in the process log, and the status of the inbound worklist item remains I-Waiting.




       1.      Start transaction merep_pd.

       2.      Choose the Synchronizer tab page.

       3.      Choose  Display <-> Change.

       4.      Make the following settings for each SyncBO:

                            a.      Select Enabled.

                            b.      Deselect Push-Enabled.

                            c.      If you select Filtered by Referencing SyncBOs (Ref.Filter), this SyncBO is only downloaded by means of the cascade download when the referencing SyncBO is synchronized. It is not downloaded without the referencing SyncBO.

                            d.      Select Check Type (T). (Deselect this option in a production environment to improve performance.)

                            e.      Enter A for Save Data (S). (E is sufficient for production.)

                              f.      Select Use Handler (Hdlr). (If you deselect this option, you can set the required log level for each SyncBO.)

                            g.      Select BAdI Active if you want to implement BAdI logic. To optimize performance, do not select this indicator if no BAdI logic is implemented. For more information on implementing BAdI logic, see Note 600817.

       5.      Choose  Save.