Creating a Hierarchy


You can use a hierarchy to map your organization structure and to help administer mobile devices. You can assign groups of users you have defined to device configurations (and thus parameter sets and mobile components as well).

The system automatically assigns the mobile devices used by the users to synchronize. You cannot assign mobile devices to a particular group directly.

You can have just one root node. You cannot make assignments at this level.

You can also determine which users or roles are allowed to manage the various groups of users.


?     The users exist in the system.

?     You have started the Mobile Administrator.

?     If you want to assign device configurations, you need to have already created them. See Configuration of Mobile Devices using Device Configurations for more information.

Preparing for the Creation of a Hierarchy

Together with your administration colleagues, design a concept for the configuration and administration of SAP MI. Define what is to be managed at which level. For example:

?     Which device configurations are to be assigned using roles and which ones using hierarchies

?     Who is to assign configuration parameters at which level

Creating a Hierarchy


       1.      Switch to the Hierarchy Grouping function.

       2.      Choose Create.

       3.      On the Details tab page, enter a name and a description.

       4.      Create the group you want under the hierarchy node.

       5.      Assign the users you want for each group on the User tab page.

       6.      On the Authorizations tab page, specify who has permission to manage this hierarchy level.

       7.      Assign the configurations you want on the Device Configuration tab page.

Alternatively, you can also assign the device configurations using other methods. For more information, see Assigning Device Configurations.