Deployment of Mobile Components


You use this process to deploy the mobile component to the server and client.


?     You have created an RFC destination to the back end.

?     You have made the settings for the synchronization.

?     You have synchronized with the back end.

Process Flow


       1.      If your mobile component has a format other than SDA or SCA, convert it using the Mobile Administrator (see Starting the Mobile Administrator and Converting Archives for a Mobile Component).

       2.      Execute the deployment using the Software Deployment Manager (see Software Deployment Manager).

       3.      Check in the Mobile Administrator whether the components are available (see Displaying Mobile Components).

For more information about the different types of files, see Mobile Applications, Framework Files, Database Files and Driver Files.

You can find more information on the Mobile Component Descriptor in Mobile Component Descriptor.

       4.      For mobile applications only: Set up the user-specific data filtering (see Defining User-Specific Data Filtering).

       5.      Assign the mobile components to the users (see Assignment of Mobile Components to Users).

If the users synchronize, the deployment is carried out for the assigned mobile components. For more information, see Deployment of Mobile Applications on the Mobile Device.

       6.      After the mobile devices have been defined, you can check if the deployment was successful by displaying the status of the mobile components (see Displaying the Status of Mobile Components).