Changing Synchronization Container Processing


You want certain synchronization containers to be processed directly in one of the back-end systems by RFC and not in the ABAP server. To do this, you must create RFC destinations on the level of method names in table MEMAPPDEST.


You are using Generic Synchronization.


Perform the following steps in transaction SE16.


       1.      List all the method names in table BWAFMAPP of the back-end system.

       2.      List all the method names in the BWAFMAPP table in the ABAP server.

       3.      Table BWAFMAPP shows which function module belongs to a synchronization method (a method name). You can find some method names and their function modules on the server; several method names, however, only exist in the back-end system.

       4.      Only those entries that exist in the back-end system and not on the server need to be copied from table BWAFMAPP in the RFC back-end system to table BWAFMAPP of the server.

       5.      You must create a corresponding entry in table MEMAPPDEST on the server for each copied method name. This ensures that the function modules that belong to the method names can be called in the back-end system with an RFC.

You may not enter the following method names in table MEMAPPDEST since the corresponding function modules must be executed directly on the ABAP server:




Read the corresponding remarks in the installation guides for the mobile applications.

Meaning of the Fields of Table MEMAPPDEST:

Field Name




Method from table BWAFMAPP on the back end.



RFC destination that points to the back-end system where the BWAFMAPP entries can be found (see Creating an RFC Destination Pointing to the Back-End).



Basis release of the back-end system.