Configuring Monitoring of Background Jobs


If you want to monitor background jobs using the Computing Center Management System (CCMS), you must configure the CCMS appropriately.


You configured background jobs (see Reports for Scheduling Background Jobs).



       1.      Start transaction SE16.

       2.      Enter table name ALBTCMON.

       3.      Choose  Display Table Contents.

       4.      Choose  Execute.

       5.      Choose Table Entry  ® Create.

       6.      Enter the name of the background job you want to monitor.

       7.      Enter MI_JobMonitoring as MTE class.

       8.      Save your entries.

       9.      Repeat steps 5 to 7 for each additional job you want to monitor.

   10.      Activate job monitoring (see Configuring Job Monitoring with the Alert Monitor).


The CCMS monitors the job and displays the status under Job Monitoring.