Setting Up a Synchronization Service


The standard synchronization process is user-specific. If, under certain circumstances, you want to allow anonymous synchronization, you must specify logon data for every relevant synchronization service that can be used during the anonymous synchronization.  Anonymous synchronization is used in the following situations:

?      To get the UTC time (when using a TIME_AGENT parameter set)

?      To generate error messages when errors occur during the synchronization process

?      To create setup packages using the Mobile Administrator


You have created service users for anonymous synchronization (see Creating Service Users)



       1.      Start transaction SICF.

       2.      Enter MJC as the service name and choose Execute.

The path default_host/sap/bc/MJC is opened.

       3.      Open the node MJCand double-click the service mi_mds.

       4.      On the Service Data tab page, specify that you want to use the compression function.

       5.      Move to the Logon Data tab page and enter the created service user and the password.

       6.      Save your entries.

       7.      Double-click the service mi_service and perform the steps 4 and 5 for this service as well.

       8.      Save your entries. 

       9.      Use the context menu to activate each service.