Starting Role Synchronization


During role synchronization, the system transfers the assignment of the mobile components, installation sequences, and device configurations that you assigned to the users of a role to the Mobile Administrator. Entries are added for newly assigned installation sequences, mobile components and device configurations. The entries for installation sequences, device configurations, and mobile components for which the assignment was canceled are deleted.


?     You have started the Mobile Administrator (see Starting the Mobile Administrator).

?     You have the authorization S_TABU_RFC in the back-end system.


Switch to the Role Synchronization function.

The role synchronization function starts immediately.

Alternatively, you can start the report WAF_DEPLOYMENT_FROM_ROLES (see Reports for Scheduling Background Jobs).


The mobile component, installation sequence or device configuration has been saved and has the status Install with Next Synchronization. The next time the user synchronizes his or her mobile device, the mobile component, installation sequence,   or device configuration is automatically installed or executed on the device.