Scheduling Background Jobs for the Client Data Distributor


You use background jobs to define when the system executes the variants of the program MEREP_DISTRIBUTOR. At the scheduled time, the program determines delta data and creates worklists for the relevant devices.


You created variants with which background jobs can be scheduled. For more information, see Creating Variants for the Client Data Distributor.



       1.      Start transaction SM36.

       2.      Enter a name for the job under Job Name.

       3.      Select a Job Class.

       4.      Specify when the job is to begin by choosing Start Condition.

       5.      Choose Immediate.

       6.      Select the Periodic Job option and choose Periodic Value to define how often it is repeated.

       7.      Select the corresponding period value and choose  Save to save the period and to return to the Start Time screen.

       8.      Choose  Save in the lower part of the Start Time screen to return to the Define Background Job screen.

       9.      Choose Step and then ABAP Program.

   10.      In the ABAP Program section, enter MEREP_DISTRIBUTOR in the name field.

   11.      Enter a suitable defined variant.

   12.      Choose  Save in the lower part of the Create Step 1 screen to return to the Define Background Job screen.

   13.      Choose  Save to save the completely defined job and pass it to the background processing system.

Release the job so that it can be executed.