Synchronizing for the First Time


You execute the first synchronization once you have installed the client on the mobile device and you have logged on.  When you synchronize for the first time, you load all the mobile applications and data that has been provided for you on to your mobile device.

Depending on the type of installation, the number and length of the synchronizations required can vary.  If a setup package that was created for you was used for the installation, it is likely that you will only require one synchronization. In all other cases, you may have to synchronize multiple times and perhaps restart the client or mobile device.

You then synchronize on a regular basis to download the latest data to your mobile device (see Performing Synchronization).


?      You have started the client (see Starting SAP MI).

?      You have logged on (see Logging On to SAP MI).

?      You have checked the user settings, and made any necessary changes (see Editing User Settings).



       1.      On the SAP MI start page, choose Synchronize.

       2.      If necessary, enter the synchronization password.

The system synchronizes and displays a synchronization log.

       3.      Choose Next.

If you downloaded data only, you can now work with the mobile application (installation using a personalized setup package).

If you downloaded more than just data, you need to perform the following steps:

       4.      Restart the device to activate the new mobile applications. You only have to restart SAP MI on Windows32 operating systems.

A link is now displayed on the start page of SAP MI for each application. You can call the mobile application using this link.

       5.      If you still cannot see any data in your mobile application, resynchronize to download the data.

If you are not sure which steps you need to perform, contact your administrator. Restart the device or SAP MI after the first synchronization and synchronize again.