Predefining the URL, Port and Timeout Value


When you create an installation file for the client, you can predefine the URL, port, and timeout value for the internal communication on the mobile device. You create txt files with the required values and copy them into the directory from which the installation file is created.



       1.      Create the following text files and add the required values:

0     To predefine the start URL: starturl.txt

Add the required start URL to the file, for example, http://localhost:4444/me.

0     To predefine the port: port.txt

Add the required port to the file, for example, 4444.

0     To predefine the timeout value: timeOut.txt

Add the required timeout value in seconds, for example, 90. The default value is 60.

       2.      Copy the newly created text file back to the directory. Add this file to directory \uncomp\program files\SAP Mobile Infrastructure\Ext1 or \Ext2. For more information, see also Adding Files and Directories.