Configuration of Security Functions (Optional)

As an optional activity, it is possible to configure the security functions at any time. The following topics provide an overview of all the security-relevant configuration issues:


       1.      Determining the Port for the Client Synchronization

       2.      Adjusting the User Settings

       3.      Parameters in MobileEngine.config

                            a.         Parameters for Security and Authentication

                            b.         Parameters for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Support

       4.      Server Certificates

                            a.         Making External Server Certificates Trusted

                            b.         Delete Server Certificates

       5.      Configuration of Single Sign-On

                            a.      The SAP NetWeaver AS is configured to support SAP logon tickets (see User Authentication and Single Sign-On).

                            b.      The SAP NetWeaver AS is configured to accept SAP logon tickets from an ticket-issuing system (see Configuring the System to Accept Logon Tickets).

                            c.      Setting Up Single Sign-On on the Mobile Device

Security-relevant SAP Note:

580497 - SSL Support for SAP Mobile Infrastructure