Template-Based Basic Configuration

A number of manual configuration steps were automated using configuration templates. As a result, you have less manual work to do when configuring the Mobile Infrastructure (MI) usage type.

Only use the automated configuration if your system is being configured for the first time.

To configure the MI usage type automatically, perform the following steps:


       1.      Call the SAP NetWeaver Administrator in a browser using the path http://<host>:<httpport>/nwa and log on to the SAP NetWeaver Administrator with the user Administrator.

       2.      Call the template installer on the tab page Deploy & Change ® Template Installer.

During the installation, the system offers you the scenario and the corresponding templates in accordance with your selection.

       3.      Choose the scenario MI and the template 00 - MI Post Installation Process from the list and then choose Execute Template.

       4.      Enter the required data and navigate to the next step by choosing Next.

When you have entered all necessary data, the Install pushbutton is activated.

       5.      Choose Install.

The system performs the necessary configurations.

The system produces error messages if errors occur during the configuration. You can find the long texts for the error messages in the log. To call the log, choose System Management ® Monitoring ® Logs & Traces.

The automated configuration of usage type MI involves the following steps (which you no longer have to carry out manually):

Creating Service Users

Enabling Mobile Component Uploads

Setting Up Administrator Users

Configuration of Smart Synchronization

Configuring Receiver Control Records

Configuring Handler Control Records

Scheduling Background Jobs for the Handler

Configuring Sender Control Records