Parameters for Data Carrier Synchronization

The following parameters are available to configure data carrier synchronization:

Parameters in MobileEngine.config




Activate or deactivate data packaging. The corresponding options are only visible to the user of the client if this option is activated.

Possible values: false, true

Default value: false


Size of the media used for synchronization. The specified values are converted and displayed in the client.

Possible values:

<Value in bytes>:Disc;<Value in bytes>:Memory_Stick;<Value in bytes>:<Medium>

If you specify any other carriers, replace any spaces with _ (underscore). Do not use any special characters.

To display the values in the client, the values are converted:

?     The byte value is displayed as a rounded number, depending on the value in kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes.

?     For Memory_Stick and Disc, the medium name is converted to the term in the corresponding language.

Default value: 1457664: Disc

For example:

DefaultTargetSizes = 1457664:Disc;33554432:Memory_Stick


Minimum medium size

Possible values: positive integer starting with 256

Default value: 1,000,000


Fully qualified class name of the class for encrypting when synchronizing using data carriers.


Fully qualified class name of the class for decryption for synchronization using data carriers.


Fully qualified class name of the class for signing for synchronization using data carriers.


Fully qualified class name of the class for designing for synchronization using data carriers.

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