Mobile Device Installation with Client Installation File


As the administrator or user, you can install the client on the mobile device directly using the installation file. This process is relevant in the following cases:

?     Individual installations

?     If you want to use preconfigured installation files

Process Flow


       1.      You transfer the relevant client installation file to the user.

       2.      The user copies the file to his or her device.

       3.      The user starts the installation file on the device.

Alternatively, you can also copy and execute the file on the mobile device. You can start the installation file with parameters to determine the behavior during the installation (see Parameters for Installation on the Mobile Device). You can then start SAP MI on the mobile device. Use the start link to do this or start the file mobileengine.exe with parameters to, for example, analyze errors that have occurred (see Parameters for Starting SAP MI).

       4.      Before the user can work with SAP MI, he or she needs to perform additional steps (see SAP MI Setup Performed by User of Mobile Device).